Judy Newman’s ‘Quilts for Life 2’


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Judy Newman’s latest book! An absolute delight for the eyes, including patterns for the much loved ‘Settle’, ‘Tea and Cake’ and ‘County Claire’ which we also provide Fabric Kits for.

“It’s a lifestyle, a career and a great love. I cannot help but do it. I always think, once I have completed a quilt, that I will have a little rest. I never do. Never ask a woman how many more quilts she will make. Do we ask a man how many more games of golf he will play? It has bought me friendships all around the world and wonderful travel opportunities (not this year though)!”-Judy Newman

Judy Newman’s ‘Settle’ Fabric Starter Kit

‘Tea and Cake’ Fabric Starter Kit

‘County Claire’ Fabric Starter Kit