Washed and Worn – Vintage Patchwork Cushion Kit (Double)


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Kim Porter of Washed and Worn has honoured us with a vintage patchwork cushion kit available exclusively at Pincushion.

“Vintage patchwork cushions using reclaimed quilted blocks with a white damask ..for a ‘shabby chic’ effect.

There are some signs of wear but perfect for some ‘slow stitching’ mending with the enclosed thread.

Included is the vintage lightly quilted block, damask backing square with extra strip to make an envelope style opening..to complete the cushion cover. Some pink and white thread for mending, decorative for extra quilting stitches.

Finished size of double cushion, (two quilt blocks) measures 28″ X 14”.

We also have a single size version of this cushion which measures 14″ square and can be accessed via the link below:

Washed and Worn – Vintage Patchwork Cushion Kit (Single)